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Multicharger X4 AC plus

Код продукта: 5000Производитель: CARPLOUNGE

Multicharger X4 AC plus

with the MultiCharger you can charge up to 4 of our lithium-ion batteries simultaneously very fast with 3A per battery!
The charger comes with 4 Balancer and 4 Power cable connect our RT3 / RT4 LiIon batteries, as well as a Quick Start Guide to load the Baitboat batteries.

Key Features

  • Internal Independent Lithium Battery Balancers 
  • Balancing Individual Cells during Battery Discharging
  • Charges Most Popular Lithium Batteries 
  • Multiple Lithium Battery Charge Modes

Included accessories:
- AC Input Cable
- DC Input Cable
- Battery Clamps
- Alligator Clip Charging Connector
- Tamiya Charging Connector
- Receiver Battery Charging Connector
- (2) Bare Battery Changing Connectors
- TP/FP Type LiPo Balancer Board
- HP/PQ Type LiPo Balancer Board
- XH Type LiPo Balancer Board+with 4 Balancer and 4 Power cable connect our RT3 / RT4 LiIon batteries
- Quick Start Guide to load the Baitboat batteries.

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